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Hello am Njhcerebus and this page is just about good old me without the fur I live in manchester in the wythenshawe area i been a fur for 4 years now i think and am stuck in a shit job and 2008 is gonna be my best year yet learn to drive goto Confuzzled and EF 14 get a new job and once i get my new job i be going to more cons and meets (mainy in england) but my real name is Nathan but plz called me Cerebus :-)


  • Cerebus is bisexual but likes guys more than girls
  • Cerebus does not have blue hair just black
  • Cerebus is a big fan of Aliens
  • Cerebus is part of H.I.M street team
  • Cerebus loves pizza chips and sometime a good salsa and dips
  • Cerebus has 2 fursuits Wesker and Cerebus
  • Cerebus loves Sweeney Todd Movie
  • Cerebus hagd a old youtube called Njhcerebus which got bomb by dicks who think being a furry is a Big Deal!