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Nester Delgado , or rather the person who plays as him, was born outside Chicago in 1982. (Yeah, he's old!) He currently lives in Malden, Massachusetts where he writes for various online and print publications.


Nester Delgado grew up in a small city in Michigan. He was always good with making friends throughout school, but never connected that well with any of his peers.

After obtaining a degree in journalism, Nester took a job offer in The People's Republic of China. There he taught English, performed Shakespeare, wrote and hosted a television show and made great friends from all over the world.

After four long years, he returned to the United States to live in Boston where he writes for a print publication and works on a number of publications on the side.

He is currently working on an ongoing story entitled, "A Fox' Family," which depicts the lives of the Delgados.

He is crap when it comes to writing code and Wikipages as well as posting things on other websites. (He is grateful his editor's do this for him. Please feel free to edit or clean up this page!)


Nester Delgado is an orange fox with dark brown paws and ears, a white abdomen, neck and mouth and has a patch of white at the end of his tail. He has blue eyes and loves to dress up sharp.

Nester Delgado is also a moderator for

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