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My name is Nero Drakus and i live in Maryland i am a very open minded furr and am presently looking for artists to draw my fursona as well as someone who does awsome realistic furrsuits if you have any suggestions please mail me anyway here are my stats

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name: Nero Drakus

species: Dragon wolf Crossbreed

age: 22


mother was a wolf, father a dragon possesses the horns and markings of his father and the fur and hair of his mother he is a mostly white wolf anthro with black tribal markings interlaced on his body he has mid back length black hair thats runs between the light grey horns that sharply slope over his forehead he is of medium build and possess ther ability to breath fire but only when a flash source is present like a lighter or match he didnt inherit the ability to spark the gas internally from his father bieng only half dragon Nero used to possess grey scaled dragon wings but after bieng imprisoned they were surgically removed leaving him no longer able too fly if you wish to know more i hope too soon be able too write out my origin in greater detail and post it too another furr site