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Nero Valzer (born May 29, 1989 in Brawley California) is a furry from Imperial Valley, California, United States. His fursona is a primarily a wolf but does have husky qualities which suggest a hybrid of the two species. He also has a secondary character which also goes by the name of "Nero", but is more toony. Scattered reports also say there is even a third character by the name of "Scape-Goat", but no one has seen it yet.
Badge done by the Talented Moose Burmese Mountain Dog

Nero is a student so far and is aspiring to become a Nurse, thus continuing the Medical Field family legacy. His mother and aunts before him were all in some way shape or form part of the Medical field. Also, if a certain wolfs plans come to florishen he will be working under him, Doctor and Nurse.

Nero's interests are not just limited to the fandom and do include such things as Biology and Chemistry. Conducting experiments and such in his spare time is one of his hobbies. Nero also likes to go out camping and does enjoy the stary night above him from time to time, just not when it's raining. Nero also enjoys traveling by airplane and really likes the turbulance. His favorite place to travel is Birmingham, Alabama to visit his extend family of Waya and Vincent.