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Neko Haiku

Hi - I'm Neko Haiku!

I've identified as furry (originally Feline) since I was 14 or so But I'm still relatively new to the community side of the furry fandom I am a Moderator of Second Haven and the Ohio Furs Co Administrator. I love hosting meets and letting people have a good and fun time! I am a fursuiter as well and getting involved deeper into the furry fandom and im enjoying every moment of it!

Neko's Fursuit
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Furcode (decode): FA[Husky]4acr A- C+ D+++ H++ M? P+ R++ T- W Z- Sm+++ RLCT a cdlnu++ d+ e f h++ i++ j+ p sm+

Favourite quotes[edit]

  • If the helpdesk thinks your question is stupid, We will set you on fire

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