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NeeChee coyote (Real name Meg) is a 16 year old female who lives in Warren, MI. Was an offical member of the fandom as of October 2008. Owner and creator of Where The Furry Things Are A company established in July 2010 that makes customized fursuits, clothing, plushies, drawings ect.

NeeChee the character[edit]

Body Intrests Other facts
Slender. Weighs 113 llbs, about 5'6 Video games, mostly gamecube and playstation 1 Wiccan
White and sky blue fur. Music, Metal and alternative 90's Bisexual
Yellow eyes. Mutilation Doesnt "yiff" with everyone and anyone

Uploads everything to Where The Furry Things Are page, as well as FA. Does commissions starting at $5, anything besides scat, watersports and cubs in sexual situations. When there are no requests to do, the art is very spontanious and "out there". Any fetishes of hers are none to be known of, but a common intrest done is of the Micro/Macro taste. Type of art performed consists of: Fursuiting, drawing, painting, sculpting.

Contacting NeeChee[edit]

You can find her here, Find her on FurBuy, On FA (link above), On DA or email at