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The furry Radio Network was a radio station serving the Furry fandom based in Jacksonville, FL. The station orginally started broadcast in November 2004 as WIAMP 108.1FM as a Top 40 HipHop/R&B station without DJs, playlists, or programming. In 2007, the station re-launched itself as WRUB 87.7FM The Unknown broadcasting as a "illegal" station serving as an outlet for independed "underground" artists in the Hip Hop/r&b world. All of its operation was ran by former rapper, now electronic-dance/pop/rock Singer Ruben Pandy, also known by his fursona name Malluis the brown Bear. Pandy only used his 2005 Windows XP Dell home computer, his bedroom, and used Sound Recorder as his software to record his music, commercials, promos, and original programming for the station. Unlike other pirated radio stations that were shut down by the FCC for not containing legal license to broadcast on airwaves, Pandy followed FCC's rules to keep all music and programming censored to appear as a licensed station. And it amazingly worked for three years.

The station's original shows like "How We Ride On Our Enemies" and "Prank Calls" became well-known throughout the Jacksonville area. The show "How We Ride On Our Enemies" was hosted by Ruben Pandy, his brother (former CEO of rap label Top Gun Records) Corey Pandy, his cousin, and a few friends. The show's purpose was to make fun of people they didn't like or had betrayed them on air publicly to embarrass or get their "revenge" by bashing them on air. In late 2008, the station finally had a site online, running as a profile on Ning's network, it was updated weekly with new videos, photos, and stories on mainstream artists. The station was known for its "bootleg" yet professional-like sound which made it appear it was low quality but not too bad of a low quality. In 2009, after Ruben was introduced to the furry fandom and Techno music, he abandoned the rap music world to pursuit a career as a Techno-Trance DJ and made his first 13 minute Techno track called "Love me or Not" which was a hit and aired on his station on regular rotation.

The station went through two transformations before it was named The Furry Radio Network, the call sign became WOLF and change its signal to 98.5FM but oddly still aired on the frequency of 87.5, 87.7, 87.9, and 88.0 whenever the batteries in the station's transmitter needed to be changed. June 2009, during another re-launch is when The Furry Radio Network got its name. The station's signal was planned to expand across the country on different station affiliates on other pirated signals and the original station named to 98.5 The FUR- The Furry Radio Network. The rainbow gay pride paw symbol was the network's new permanent logo. Reportedly Mr. Pandy signed a contract with SiriusXM satellite radio to air on channel 165 but the deals to expand nationwide and to satellite never succeeded. However, The FUR's homepage was the number one user generated furry social networking site, it inspired creator of Furspace to create his site. Original programing from its previous format were canceled and replaced with new shows, DJ's, and staff.

After his laptop's motherboard died, Pandy realizes he couldn't run it all himself, employees who just wanted to experience the joy of running a radio station were hired to run the site and live stream from their location. First group of "furiends" of Ruben Pandy, Brandon "Echo" Merrill and Azure the Tiger were hired as in charged of all programing and web site activities. In 2010, The Furry Radio Netwwork's profile on Ning was put on hold from any future activities due to Ning's large increase in members and popularity, a fee was charged for any user to create or run a site from Ning's servers. The furry fandom, specially members of the site itself, were in uproar wondering what has happened to the site and the station after many of them couldn't log in or tune in to the live stream. The management plead for donations for the network to remain on air but like most of the fandom, most of them only received little or no income of their own. October 2010, The Furry Radio Network stopped it broadcast and closed the doors for good.

Ruben Pandy is a Electronic-Dance, Pop, Electro-rock recording artist in the San Francisco area today, collabing with other House/Trance DJs and singers.