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Narrae (born October 29th, 1992) is a common animal fan and artist, she happens to be one of the most G-rated furries in existence, refusing to yiff anyone or draw pornography, as some furries do. Moreover, she does not dress up as a furry or run around in a fursuit. The reasons for these.. odd.. furry behaviors are simply her desire to "fit in" with people who aren't exactly furries. All of her characters have humanoid forms (which are used during mythological-sorts of roleplays). She currently lives in Sheridan, Wyoming. Her fursona is a gigantic, american flag-colored dragon.

She is a budding author and hopes to infect the planet with all sorts of horrendous misadventures of such things as, but not limited to, gigantic onions devouring tourists, tap-dancing monkies, dragons, and many, many explosions. She enjoys reading Unencyclopedia in her spare time (as she enjoy being up-to-date on the latest internets). She intends to go into reptile science and such as an adult and maybe move out of Y-OMG-ing and move somewhere warmer. Her love of furries and (G-rated) animal-people started when she first discovered Sonic.

Currently, she is a Traditional artist (pens, pencils, markers, ink, and the like). In real life, she is a malovent sort of maniac.