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Simple Facts[edit]

Naore (try pronouncing that in human tongue) is herself, as simple as that. A dragon in many ways, she is brave, quiet, and hungry for knowledge. She is strangely logical yet has a philosophical way of viewing life.

She always had that 'believed she was different' thing going on for her in this life and never made much of it until she met others who thought the same, and came out in the draconic community.

Naore proudly does not live with her human parents, but visits home every few weeks out of love. She grew up in Chicago (NOT a suburb, her address actually read Chicago) near Midway Airport, and spent most of her teenage years exploring her city and studying it. She loves taking the trains (Metra and the CTA El lines) around town and was once a regular visitor to Chicago's Chinatown.

Naore has a livejournal but has limited it to friends only recently. Of course, just add her and leave a comment under the puppy to be added.

Fun Things to Do[edit]

Figuring she may as well make the best of this life, Naore has many hobbies. First and foremost comes the Furry community, which simply gives her the opportunity to make friends, and of course, to prance around wearing a tail. She was brought into Furry by Taren Nauxen, and is still fairly new to the fandom.

Naore was never big in the otherkin community, though she believes herself to be similiar to them, she'd rather not take a label. She is very spiritual and if you're trusted enough, you've heard some of her tales.

Naore has done her share of sports, and the one she involves herself in to this day is bowling. Her highest score ever so far is a 156, and she could definitely use some practice. She used to run Track and Field in high school, competing (and sometimes even winning) in the 800m, 1600m, and 3200m distance runs, and the 800m and 1600m relays on occasion as well.

She is extremely smart, when she applies herself. She maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout grade school, and a 3.5 throughout high school. She attained a 29 (22, 29, 32, 33) on her ACT while half asleep and never bothered to retake it. She is currently in college working on a Bachelor's of Science degree and plans to continue on to complete her Master's and Doctorate.

Naore is simply herself, known in her younger years for her originality and desire not to melt in with the other humans, but to maintain individuality. She'd rather not stick out however, and works to maintain the balance between 'just another human' and 'omg it's a dragon.'

Naore was once an art major, and has a decent amount of experience under her belt when it comes to painting (oil, watercolor), drawing, and sculpting (ceramic clay and glaze). She makes her own badges and perhaps one day will create them for others. She has also begun making fursuits. She believes it's nice to think that those years studying art haven't been a total waste.

Of course when her friends think of her, they think of not only the little blue dragon, but of her love for puppies. Her best friend's recent addition to their family, a yellow labrador, inspired her to create her own fursuit. She's loved dogs since she was a baby and has always had one in her human household. She claims that snuggling a dog is even better than snuggling a tail, because they usually snuggle you back. She dedicated her fursuit to 'Mollie Bird' and 'Lucy,' two angel dogs in her life.

Of course Naore plays video games, though not nearly as much as other furs seem to. Her all-time favorite game is Earthbound (Mother 2) for the Super Nintendo. She also plays beatmania IIDX, Animal Crossing, Guitar Hero, various Final Fantasy titles (Final Fantasy VII being her favorite) and so on. She at one time played Final Fantasy XI and World of Warcraft, but stopped when she found better things to do, like walk around with a tail on or make fursuits.