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This is Nanukk, a newly South African Furry,and a grey wolf with a strip reaching behind his back, stopping by his tummy. His height reaching around 6foot tall at 1.97metres. This fur has long purple hair with red highlights, somethings thinking of wearing a bandanna or goggles to lift the hair above the eyes. His eyes are green blueish hazel color and changes in time.


Nanukk is friendly to new visitors to his page and will help if you need any. He loves to chat on MSN and Y-Messenger getting to know more and more furs around him. He is quite a new furry too, that has found the fandom at the end of last year. The tall wolf fur is quite shy and easily scared away. Really asks for comfit sometimes and tries to give comfit often as he likes. He dreams to undertake more study into how the world reacts to subjects unspoken of.


Nanukk loves to draw and write his story posted in This fur is still a student, living his last year in school - working hard to get a larger mark on his end report. He loves to hang out with other furs and tries to be someone better. Though he hasn't been to any furmeets, he would try to work around one to get to it at the end of this year. He is single for personal reasons, and isn't looking for a relationship unless he is sure at the time.

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