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    ***The Mysterious Furry***

Naka Spirrepine is a female, anthropomorphic 15 year old porcupine. (as of '09) She is about 5'5" with long black and purple hair. Her fur color is a dull pink that fades into white in certain places. She has natural black fur cuffs on her wrists, ankles, beginning of her tail, her chest, and on the bases of her ears. She has black and dark purple fox markings, the exception being her face. The areas where her skin is visible are a pale reddish tan color to a bright ebony. Naka normally wears purple, black, navy blue, forest green, or golden eyeshadow. The only time that she wears clothes is when she needs foot covering or a collar.(She is usually drawn Sonic style, but her dog, dragon, and more human like form is more detailed.)Not well known at all, she is a recent fursona originally created to blend in with anthro comics and stories. The creator trashed her old fursona, a 14 year old golden anthro fox named BobbyJoe Vixen, and replaced it with this new one.Naka the porcupine is a werewolf, but not truly evil. She originally resided in a huge empty abandoned badger burrow in the middle of a deep forest with some orphaned fox kits. Her previous history is very unknown, but she suspects that she was created by Dr. Fredrick Purrdey, a crazy anthro bobcat. The reason being is that one of his messenger robot pidgeons found her and claimed that he had been searching for her for 12 years. This phased her to go searching, which inspired her previous story of when she was 13. Though she is 15 as of now, there are several stories starring her in various ages. Some of when she was just turning 6, another when she was 10, the one when she was 13, two of her being 14, two of her now (and a comic in progress), and several future ones of her being in her early twenties. Soon to come to the internet, she now polishes her work. An image or two, even an avatar, may be up within the next month or two.

    ***Her most widely used quote***

"I may not remember anything, but it doesn't make me a dumb@$$." -♥Naka Spirrepine 19:17, 3 May 2009 (UTC)