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Naiser Zo'Rais, more commonly known in the fandom by his former name of Zack Stryker, was born OOCly on June 25, 1985. In character, his age is unknown, due to the fact that he is an incubus, based highly off of those created by Amber Williams (A.K.A. Miss Mab), author and artist of the webcomic, DMFA. He is a 5'11" 185 lb. blue-striped white tiger with three sets of wings: bat-like ones on his head and hips, as well as a feathery set on his back.

Naiser currently resides in Emsdale, Ontario, Canada.

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Offline and OOC[edit]

Offline, Naiser Zo'Rais is engaged to be married to Lily, and is also a freelance voice actor, graphic artist and audio producer.

A drawing of Naiser by FA artist Ashi