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Mystic wolf is a wolf/fox/panther hybrid with a stare that glows in the knight he’s very loving.

He loves driving eney cars, trucks, bikes, ATV, jet skies, boats, and Cessna 170 he can get his little paws on.

Conventions attended  Anthrocon: 2009,

Mystic’s automobiles of choose. And drove and to fill free from every thing 1. Cessna 170 not very fast Horsepower: 145 Gross Weight: 2200 lbs. Top Speed: 122 kts Empty Weight: 1205 lbs Cruise Speed: 104 kts Fuel Capacity: 42.00 gal Stall Speed (dirty): 50 kts Range: 410 nm

Takeoff Landing Over 50 ft obstacle: 1820 ft Over 50 ft obstacle: 1145 ft

Rate Of Climb: 690 fpm Ceiling: 15500 ft 2. 2007 Pontiac GTO Wreck in progress sum mode conversion to look likes a grand am 3. 2007 sprint car (top 5 in my area back in in 07) 4. late model race 5. stack car racing 6. 1999 Chevy 2500 step side tuck

Favorite saying 1. Eney one can tame concert lets see sum one tame air and durt 2. Live ur life a ½ miyol 3. Fill free and have fun doing it u only ive life one 4. U get 1 chains to live 5. Don’t yiff it love it Jobs that wrecked 1. Cover Chevrolet ( 2. Selective Wheels Auto ( 3. KFC