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Myron J Comus, aka "Comus," is the creator of the animal transformation-themed website "Circe's Funhouse."

Comus first became fascinated by animal transformation as a child, watching Disney films like The Shaggy Dog[1] and The Sword in the Stone [2], and by learning about Circe [3] and Greek Mythology in elementary school. He began drawing and saving his own transformation pictures at this time, a collection that eventually went online as the Funhouse.

From 1999 to 2007 the Funhouse was online at the web address, hosted first by TransFur and then by TF Central. In late 2007 TF Central ceased hosting the Funhouse without explanation. The original Funhouse site can still be viewed by going to:

- and entering the Funhouse's TF Central address:


- into the box labeled 'Wayback Machine.'

In recent years Comus' was not able to spare the time to update the Funhouse website and began posting his transformation art on Fur Affinity instead. This newer work can be viewed on his Fur Affinity page:

-which can also be accessed via the Funhouse's old URL: