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Murkrow, or Murk for short, is a female blue-cat. She has many, many characters, tho she will not name them all because she is a lazy bitch. :D

About The Artist[edit]

Murkrow is an artist hoping to one day become a cartoonist. She is in college with her major being Visual Arts. One thing she loves to do is to listen to music; her favorite genres are Techno-Electronica, Dance, Club, Classical, Rock, & Hard Rock, Video Game, & Remixes. Murk often draws animals, most of them being anthro.

When she was about 7 or so, she had a huge interest in animals, & often considered herself one, a cat to be precise. She first started out on the site called "Neopets", & she was trying to find an account name related to "Pokemon". Most of the names she wanted have been taken, so she chose "Murkrow15" as her account name. Thats how she found her name & became Murkrow. She never knew there was an entire fandom of furries untill between the years of mid 2004 & 2007 (she cant remember when she found out D: ). When she began her first fursuit in about October 2005, she found out about the fandom, but never being officially in it. In 2008, she officially became a furry & a fursuiter, with her own home-made costumes.

Her artwork has been accepted into the Novartis Art Exhibition of 2008, 3 pieces to be exact, 2 of them being her anthro characters "Kass" & "Messy" in one piece known as "The Notes of Sound", the other one being a digital rendition of her dog, Delilah.

She also likes to animate & make music videos when she finds the time. One of her true passions in life is video games, therefore she has an Xbox 360 & you will find her on Xbox live as Murkrowzy (Halo 3, ODST, Left 4 Dead, Castle Crashers). She also has a Nintendo DS (LOVES Pokemon Diamond), & a Wii (Smash Bros Brawl ftw).

A few other notes about Murk is that she is part Autistic with Asperger's Syndrome.

Murkrow is settled in New Jersey, USA. (Jersey furs ftw!)

- Murkrow's Youtube


  • AnthroCon 2010
  • AnimeNext 2010
  • Fur Affinity United 2010


Murk has quite a few fursuits, 5 to be exact. The suits up to "Messy" were made by hand, while "Jahnny" was made with a sewing machine. She prefers to sew things together rather than glue; Glueing has fumes (which can cause breathing problems & eye stinging), & sometimes tends to make things a bit heavier & easy to rip off.


Messy (Picture by Murkrow's Cousin Sammiiieee)

Messy is one of Murk's characters. He is a Wolf-Coyote hybrid with a fur condition (somewhat like Vitiligo but it changes everyday) that makes his brown fur turn off-white/VERY pale yellow in random spots.

  • Head has a velcro strap in the back so the head is 100% adjustable, so that most heads can fit inside.
  • Mouth moves a bit.
  • Everything was hand-sewn. No sewing machine was used.
  • Glue was only used on the eyes to attach them, & the bottom of the feet. Otherwise, foam & fur was sewn directly to the canvas, & the fabric was directly sewn to the foam.
  • Plastic Canvas head.


Pankay (Picture by Murkrow)

This costume was originally going to be something else, but Murk turned it into a Panda Bear. Pankay was then created. Pankay (Pankayla is her full name, but she prefers Pankay) is a female Panda Bear who loves to do Poi (aka Glowsticking, Rave, ect). Pankay is blind in her pink/purple eye, so she wears glowsticks that help her see in the dark (shes part nocturnal :D)

The thing about Pankay's suit is that it isnt made with the normal fursuit. The head was made with hangers to form the main frame, then wrapped around in stuff that fixes up walls (similar to plastic canvas, but VERY VERY flimsy). After all of that, Crayola Model Magic was added to serve as the foam base. The tounge was made with a pink towel. This isnt reccommended to anybody who plans to make a fursuit, as the fumes can be toxic, the wall fixer is VERY sticky & model magic gets soggy & soft if its left out in the heat too long or gets wet.

  • Light Weight & Small
  • Head bends easily, so its not used for outings
  • Ears flop around
  • Head & Hands only (Partial)
  • Often seen in Murk's closet
  • No Longer Exists (lost it.)

Jahnny the Gliscor[edit]

Jahnny the Gliscor (Picture by Murkrow)

Jahnny is a Gliscor from Pokemon. Nothing too special about him.


  • Balaclava Mask
  • Moving Jaw
  • Claws open & close
  • Self Supporting Wings
  • Claws are Huge & BIGGER than the head (left claw is slightly bigger)
  • Multiple Piece Suit
  • Can either be worn as a Fullsuit (as shown) or a Partial


Birgee made by Murkrow

Birgee (brr-jee/bur-jee) was originally created in the game "Spore". He is a centaur bird thing, who loves to dance & wear random objects. A few modifications brought this bird to life. Birgee was designed in the "Taur" fashion, but instead of being a quad suit, the user uses only 2 legs. So far, this is the only "Spore" based suit in existence. - Video of Birgee

  • Balaclava Mask
  • Moving Jaw
  • "Taur" like body, which means he has 4 legs while the suiter only her own legs.
  • Full suit
  • Actually has ventilation

Krush the Alakazam[edit]

Alakazam made by Murkrow

Krush is an Alakazam, a creature from the Pokemon series.

Video -

  • Balaclava Mask
  • Moving Jaw
  • Multiple Piece suit (can mix & match suit pieces)
  • Spoons with strings!