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Munchkin is a colorful fox character that loves Furcons, interacting with others, Raves, and fun. His owner and creator started the fandom officially in 2013 with my first furcon MFF. I was involved in costuming and such for alot longer as a mascot performer (well over a decade now) but the fandom didnt grab me till much later.. Munchkin is a member of the local fur community sask furries as well as neighbouring fur groups such as Wild prairie Furs and Manitoba Furries and Alberta Furs. Munchkin tries to hit as many furcons as work allows as well as a ton of other local fur meets around the country VancouFur 2016 BLFC 2016 FurEh 2015 Further Confusion 2015 Rainfurrest 2015 BLFC 2015 BLFC 2014 Rainfurrest 2014 MFF 2013

Munchkin is active on Facebook as well as FA. love to chat with ya. His performer, owner builder (Mike Schmidt) builds cosplay, mascot, as well as fursuits as a hobby activity. Current real job is in the oil sector.