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Morin Wolf, was born in a town of Fox Lake Illinois, 1990, and grew up for him to go on a journey, he wanted to become a furry. So he putted plans together to become what he believed in all his life. He hasn't been to too many cons lately, but his favorite con was Anthrocon, or aka, AC. And also is a fursuiter, most of the time during cons. Mostly of what he does, he always loves to hang out with his fur friends on the weekends and partially on the week. He also is a Shaolin Kung Fu artist, for about 3 years, and still is on his way to become a great martial artist. Morin mostly spends his free time with Blazger the Fire Tiger, and Blazgers mate, FrostCat the Tuxedo Cat, they mostly spend their time making videos for youtube.


He makes videos for the furries partially like BBF (Big Blue Fox) but he is no where on that kind of editing. He makes all sorts of videos to make his friends laugh and lots of other things. Paintballs too, though he rarely does now a days, now hes a fur. A Kung Fu student and teacher, also he makes partial fursuits, mostly paws, tails, and foot paws, hes working on making heads and making his own web site soon. And Likes action, he thrills for suprises and loves to be huggled, scritched, and other things in his mind.


He mostly attends Anthrocon (AC) and Midwest FurFest (MFF)since he is a fursuiter, he hangs around with fursuiters mostly or he walks alone and fools around in his hours. He makes a wuff sound every time hes being scritched, or tummy rubbed. Also he goes to a anime convention called Acen, or Anime Central of Illinois. He was a assassin from Assassins Creed, his own customized suit. He loves going to conventions and loves hanging out with friends and fursuiters, even in person.

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