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I am 23 years old. I am a Pet Stylist at Ardmore Petco. ^_^ I have Blonde hair, blueish grayish eyes. I'm a very friendly chic, but I'm only friendly to those who are friendly to me. ;) At first I'm shy and abit quiet, but once you get to know me alittle more, I open up and I can be hyper, calm, Sweet, Adorable, and loving! ^_^ ♥I have declared myself a Fur/Anthro ever since the summer of 2004. My Fur name is Moon Mochi (pronounced Mock-he). I'm a White with black markings Folf ( Mostly Wolf and part Fox).

I also have Art displayed at DeviantArt. com ~ and also at

Now about my main character.....

 	 Moon Mochi is my main and First Fursona. She is a Folf. Part wolf and part fennec fox. She is White with Black ears and gray fingers/toes. Her little tuft of white head fur sits between her ears. She has a biohazard like symbol on her upper right thigh which consists of 3 cresent moons facing away from each other. Also six tear drops. It's black surrounded by light blue. on each side of her muzzle on the cheeks is an enlonged black 'S' like mark. She stands about 5'3". Her peircings are similar to my peircings IRL. On her left ear is an upper cartilage stud, a blue Tragus stud, and a normal lobe small hoop. On her right ear she has 2 lobe peircing and an Industrial peircing. Her Right eyebrow is peirced and her tongue is peirced. Her eyes are Ice Blue in color.

Furry Conventions I've attended:

Anthrocon 2006 Anthrocon 2007

Furry Conventions I'm planning on attending:

Anthrocon 2008 FurFright 2008