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Louisiana Fur De Lis[edit]

Louisiana Fur De Lis was founded in 2014 by Jon J Guillot, also know as his fursona's name Monti Teque "Monti" for short. The original name was Slidell, Louisiana Furs until we collectively decided that it ran close to another group and started to expand to a more vast area. It was then changed to the name we are known as today Louisiana Fur De Lis. Choosing the name gave us more of a avenue to support the traditions of Louisiana.

This group was established to help bring furries together around Louisiana and that travel to. We do not discriminate or judge anyone for who they are. We accept all walks of life and encourage our members to interact and express themselves freely. As a group we do meet up and get together as a family to mingle, socialize, and do charity work. At our 2014 Christmas meet up we did an adopt a family event and together went to give the children their gifts.

Our newest charity work started in early 2015. We began a ABC(Anti Bully Campaign) to stop the bullying of not only the furry community, but all fandoms and people everywhere. We go to local conventions to promote our message and intend to take it even further as we grow. we do fund raising event for anti bullying charities. We plan to do more as time progresses. It is our mission to bring fandoms and everyday human beings together as one, as well as understanding its ok to be different.

ABC (Anti Bullying Campaign) Group members include: Jon Guillot - Red Panda named Monti, Melanie Guillot - Fox named Ginger Red Fox, Micheal McKinley - Panther named Dex Bugsy Hachu, Kayla Moss - Hyena named Nova and Husky named Lucky, Lindsay Chartier - Fox named Sparky, Julie Garrity - Wolf named Alexa and Fox named Skullz, Cherrikee Rhea - Wolf named Natsuro Wolf, Rachel Shienle - Fox/Seal

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