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File:Mongoose profile.jpg
the mongoose, while not pretty CAN look esoteric.

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The above message is wrong. At least in essence. Well, not anymore. I am Wikipedia:user:dbroadwell, was amar on furrymuck (till engineering and kids happened), aim:amrshdwpws which stands for Amar Shadowpaws. I am an Electrical Engineering Student Currenty studying Logic Design, Logic Lab, Circuits I Lab and Engineering Statistics I. Why electrical engineering, I love to tinker ... I can do the math ... AND it pays well AND let's me play in labs. I tend to be logged into freenode as wirelain, so if you see me in #wikia, it's really mongoose.

Of the ways to plural mongoose wrong, I like mongi the most. It's very latin and esoteric. I have been known to bite vandals across networks and have invoked a college's TOS on a vandal before.