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Mike Foxtrot , WTF ?[edit]

Mike foxtrot Is simply M F in the phonetic alphabet , I chose it because I like the way it sounds. What it stands for however , I let you keep guessing !

How It All Began[edit]

Its kinda ironic how I became a furry , partially by mistake( there's a much longer story behind that than this one ) I made a small mistake in a Wikipedia search , found out about the furry fandom and thought to myself "I'm not gonna be part of this." But I found myself becoming a regular visitor to wikifur, furnation and other furry related sites... as well as having a youtube profile with a favorites section of 300 videos , over half of them furry . It also turns out that I was a fan of the furry genre long before I knew about The fandom , I enjoyed the art but for some reason just couldn't figure out exactly what it was all about so I never gave it a second thought until I discovered the furry fandom by mistake.

Other stuff[edit]

I'm a big halo fan , especially halo 3 , my gamertag is CaPtAiN CK-24 , I PWN !!!!! Also : Call of Duty World at War and gears of war 1&2 .. just too bad my x box live decided to screw up on me again :(

New Profile[edit]

My new profile name , ( as well as fursona ) is RickyFox . user:RickyFox