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Simple notes[edit]

I'm a 26 years-old Italian male student, with interests in fantasy and science fiction, both in art and literature. I've just graduated in Marine Biology, on November, the 9th, 2006, and I'm going ahead with my studies following a specialistic course, still in Ancona (my hometown). I'm currently attending a PhD.

Interests and activities[edit]

My main interests are in in fantasy and science fiction, because of the wide space they give to creativity. I write and draw, though not only anthropomorphics, since fantasy can give me a wide array of different creatures to work with. I'm trying to develop some new personal styles, working mostly digitally with many different media. I've wrote a furry novel, named "Wildlings," which is only avaible in Italian, and I'm currently writing three different, furry-themed short stories. I'm also working on a series of drawings and apparel focused on self-esteem and body image issues, named "Dangerous Curves."



Short stories[edit]

Dangerous Curves[edit]


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