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"Polish. Cougar. With a twist."

I'm Mikael Grizzly. Polish middleastern (European middle East, mind you) cougar, avid gamer, book reader and a student of law (Poznan UAM). I'm devoted deeply to English, so far as being a more or less grammazi, which should be treated with respect in my opinion, like a woman.

Additionally, I'm sarcastic and a bit cynical, I hate Oblivion fanboys (that game is crap by the way), love Fallout and Half-Life, am an ex-member of Furtopia (if you want to know reasons behind my leave, ask), moderator of No Mutants Allowed, member of Furmont and forums, and Polska Strefa Furry user.

I despise shallowness, hipocrysy, moderator incompetence, betrayal, attention whoring, drama, exhibitionism and dishonesty.

Still here? Well then, it seems you are hell bent on knowing something about me...

You can catch me as mikaelgrizzly at gmail dot com on MSN Messenger or Cougar Mika on AIM. Alternatively, you can mail me (the same as my MSN address). Or, you may decide to drop me a line at my eyesore dA account: If you want to try and incite drama, here's my LJ account address:

If you managed to reach this point, you might as well consider adding me to the contact list :)