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Common Misconceptions About Miir[edit]

1- Miir is just a domestic cat.

While I chose the Egyptian theme, I always pointed out that she was only loosely based on the Bastet style (i.e. coloring (black with gold accents), sometimes fun accessories). She isn't a god(dess), she doesn't have magical powers (unless you count making massive amounts of cookies disappear very quickly). Miir is just a lazy, sexy, very chill domestic cat.

2- The wings/horn are only ornaments.

The wings were never supposed to be "party of Miir." I've always said that they were just ornaments. She cannot fly, they're just there to look awesome. A big problem WITH the wings is that no one can ever draw them correctly. katibara was the only artist who ever got close here Part of that is my fault due to only having SL references (and through that having the wrong wings since I couldn't find correct ones there either). They were supposed to just be undetectable "strap ons" that were based on ancient Egyptian curvy wings (i.e. In the future I plan on commissioning a picture of the wings off her back and from then on not having any new ones (for the most part, might have some thrown in here and there) without the wings. Will be easier on me and the artists trying to render them (and keep people from thinking she's just another LUL MAGICAL MYSTICAL FURSONA).

Which leads us tooooo the horn. The horn is just another accessory. It's not Egyptian (obviously) but I always liked how it looked. It's detachable as the wings are, though I don't plan on ever having that part illustrated as I think it does set her apart from all the other Bastet themed cats out there. Basically at this point I think that Miir is pretty specific in her looks and that most people who see commissions of her go "Hey that's Miir." While I think that won't diminish by the loss of the wings, it will with the horn. Again, this is something that always "was," it isn't something new that I'm just pulling out of my bum because someone made me butthurt that they thought mystical creations were less respectable. It's something that has always been and just not noticed/forgotten over the years.

3- They're not tattoos.

Okay, I don't personally get tattoos on fur unless people are spray-painting themselves or dying their fur but whatever, the point is that in explaining I usually just say they're fur patterns. Replaced even through shedding =P I don't care if that isn't reasonable to you. They're small and not obnoxiously all over her body so if you don't like it, you can bite her well formed behind. (Then probably die for it ^^)

4- Which parts are gold again?

Eh, another problem is that people tend to forget which parts are accented in gold (this also falls in the marking category, yes gold markings are not "natural" per se but she has them and -again- I don't care if you don't like them or not... they're mine and I love them as they are). A lot of the confusion is because even I was unsure what balance was best over the years and switched it around a lot. Her FINAL (as far as I know) and current form has only lines around her eyes (which are supposed to look like but tend to not be drawn correctly either... one of these days I need to just suck it up and pay for a full reference chart for Miir with someone patient enough to get this correct), her nose and her fur marks. The inner ears and nipples were once gold here and there but I decided on going with regular cat-black or dark gray on those. Her pawpads are also black.

Her claws are black when extended and her tongue is, naturally, pink. Finally, her eyes are also goldish/yellow colored.

5- So what color is her fur?

Miir has gone through a few variations, though usually just shades of gray. At one time I tried putting in a small hint of blue but that didn't work out so well. Right now she's just a few shades above black and that's how I like it. This is to keep any black accents visible on her body (and allow her to wear black clothing without looking like she's naked still). This will be the color she stays. Her hair is just a pure black and is cut with straight bangs and past shoulder-length straight-cut hair everywhere else. It is straight.

6- Other accessories!

The only things pierced are her ears. I'm not a big piercing person, but I liked how I placed the various ankhs and whatnot on her ears and have them represented as such in the commissions that I get. They are gold (obviously) with green Egyptian stone for the ankhs and "eyes."

Arm, leg and tail bands are smooth and circular with some of the same gold links with ankhs/"eyes" dangling off them. The tail one on the end may look a little unrealistic due to positioning but I don't caaaaare. I like it and it stays there. Clearly she's just very skilled with her tail movements and knows how to keep it in place.

Just because Miir is based on the whole ancient Egyptian thing doesn't mean that's the only way she dresses. Yes, I tend to have Egyptiany gold clothing on her in pictures because it looks awesome but it isn't always that way. She can wear modern/regular clothing too. The arm and tail bands may or may not be there when wearing modern stuff, depending on the portions of her body that are exposed.

7- Digi-grade & paws.

I always have her drawn with digi-grade legs. That's how I prefer it. If anyone puts shoes near her, I get the flamethrower. I don't like shoes on paws at all (or furries with human feet that look like they're unbalanced and ready to topple over in the slightest breeze).

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