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How I became part of the furry fandom[edit]

Hey there! I am Messerschmitt51. I am somewhat new to the furry fandom, but I have built two fursuits so far. I found out about furry in July 2006 after seeing a video of a fursuiter dancing at Further Confusion and I decided I wanted one of those nifty animal costumes. After some pretty deep reasearch, I found several websites with great turorials on how to build a fursuit, so I statred out making a black and grey wolf named Danny. I have my own website about my fursuits and furry stuff, but it is still under construction. My site I would also like to point out that I go by several different versions of my name, including Messerschmitt51 (number at the end), Messerschmitt (The way it's spelled) and Messershmitt. (No c inbetween the s and h)

My Fursuits[edit]

Danny hiding her eyes
Danny how she looks now
Marcus with and without his mohawk

I finished Danny a few months before October, and at the time, she was just a partial consisting of a heat, tail, feetpaws and full length handpaws. After wearing the suit for holloween, I decided I wanted to make a full body for her. It only took me a few days to comlete the suit, and now I have my first fullsuit. It was completly handsewn due to the fact that I cannot use a sewing machine, but I had fun making it anyway.

I am currently finishing up with my second suit, a green punk rocker griffin partial named Marcus Green. His mohawk is removeable so I can either wear him with or without one. I am planning on making a few extras so I can change up his look a litte. He is supposed to have moveable wings, but I am having problems with those at the moment. I am not sure if I will be able to get them to work, so he may end up with static wings.