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Hi There![edit]

You have reached Maverique's UserPage

Here you can read something about me:

The Person[edit]

  • Age: 18
  • Birthday: 19th May 1989
  • Sex: Male
  • Country: Germany

Me and the Furry Fandom[edit]

I first really noticed the Fandom in early august 2005, when I remembered about a dream i had once in my childhood, around at the age of 5, that involved me turned into an Wolf that could walk on two legs and speak(at that time i didn't know about furries at all). So I searched the Web and reached a Website about Furry Arts. It still took me till 2007, till I got my first Chats with furries. Today I already hold regularly contact to some furs and hopefully I will meet them sometimes on a Con or so.


  • Creamfur Wolf (Which has a magical power to turn himself into puppywolf form)
  • A 9-tailed Kitsune
  • Hellhound (Born in Hell on Fire elementar)
  • Vampire Bat
  • micro-sized Dragon

I already have many Fursonas, but of which I unfortunately don't own any drawings yet, or I made yet.

Other Things I do[edit]

I'm also do things on LARP(Live Action Roleplay), mostly themed in medival times. I do also like to play videogames and also boardgames. I am on study for computer related works (both hard- and software), so I also like to programm Software. Also i am into Demoscene, while I don't belong to a group there yet, I was at a Demoparty already. I like to read some books in my sparetime

Things todo:[edit]

  • Expanding my UserPage as soon I get more ideas
  • Poke Cail, Poke Caltsar
  • Hug GreenReaper
  • Maybe draw a profile of one of my fursonas