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Hello and Hakuna to you! It's me, the same ol' Mataata from Facepunch, Minecraft, Steam- If you've seen Mataata, it's me, in other words. (except in Spore, of course. I go by Maninora there.)

I suppose I'll have to write a bio about myself, so here I go.

Way back in '07, I got into computers, and joined the Game Maker community under the name "MataMata". The next year, I got Steam. While setting my name for Half-Life 2: Death Match, I accidentally misspelled it "Mataata" without the second "M", and thus the legacy was born. After a few months, the connection with the unmistakable Lion King song was made, and I gladly use "hakuna" as a greeting (along with one of my favorite words from internet lingo, "hai").

In early '09, around May/April, I got Spore, which changed my life. I played the hell out of that game, and still love it like the devil. Look up "Maninora" if you play it, and check out some of my stuff. As I write this, I believe I have 5 loyal subscribers whom comment only a little. Plus, I've built up a bit of popularity over the community, gaining me some reputation, and making me a middle-classed Sporeon.

Starting mid '09, I really got into Steam, joining groups and playing Track Mania United. The first week of August, I got the Orange Box along with Garry's Mod, which got me into TF2 and GMod. After playing around in the two, I really started getting into the cyber world, and started making more friends.

Shortly after in September of the same year, I joined Facepunch, where I commonly reside (as I write this there has been a two-day "blackout" of FP. The site's totally down). A fellow aptly named "Batmanifestdestiny" introduced me to Minecraft, and almost instantly I was hooked. Fast-forward to July of '10, and I decieded that I would join the furry universe. The very first furry "community" I became a part in was Doridan's Furry Minecraft server (onwhich I've built up quite a few friends). Then came the furry side of Facepunch, which I have only recently became a part in (Don't take my word for it, but I think I've become a one-hit-wonder there).

And here I am, listening to C418 whilst I write this article! Thus concludes my backstory (somewhat).

--The Marvelous, Majestic Mataata 00:35, 8 October 2010 (UTC)