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Christian Mason Luke McKenzi Bolas Stappen III(July 24th, 1996) is a fursuiter, voice actor, actor, musician, and a freelancer. Mason is a blue fox.

Mason was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome a hint of mild autism(high function), Major Depression And Bipolar.

Early Life[edit]

On the earlier life mason is a normal child living with a normal family, but strange somehow came wrong. Mason was a little thief sometimes stealing one of his parents stuff and the food out of the closets and the fridge. In 2011 Mason have been caught stealing with his two friends in Wal-Mart, with WWE action figures and other things, suddenly mason was on school arrest with an para (October 2011- September 2013) sent him down about two years with para.

Mason's Personal[edit]

Mason Was Born In Western Australia, he was adopted. this 2000 mason sang a song to his sisters birthday song and suddenly he came muted he never sang again, soon or later mason sang in 2012 and deciding to do a band. masons voice is more like scott stapp a lead singer from creed. After that mason is now changed, this 2013 mason is now openly Furrygay with his partner Cody Metcalf (Alzukie), Mason had failed or cheated him 4 times and now brought him back, Mason had a bad time alone in his room. Mason become a furry since 2011. when he was 10 years old mason was in elementary school, mason added animals to humans. like Wolf+Human= Wolfhuman and he added another animal over and over. Mason never heard about furries since he does now on 2011. Mason is deciding to get a dream job (Creed), as a lead singer. Mason loves les paul and fender guitars.

Car Accidents[edit]

on 2005 mason was injured by a car accident while he rides his bike far distance with no helmet, it happened in Kennewick, WA June 2005 and another accident on 2013 in Pasco, WA road 68 bridge with two accidents, mason is not hurt and so as his father, their now safe for good.

Mason's Dragon[edit]

Masons little partner - Jayson Stappen his little dragon was born in (June 29th, 2012) in Pennsylvania.


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