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Malc Daxon, Steampunk Duck[edit]

Malc Daxon

Malc Daxon is an avian furry/feathery (whichever of the terms you prefer) living in Kansas City, Kansas. Born March of 1988, this duck spends much of his time educating himself with languages, astronomical sciences, drooling over pictures of aircraft and reading works of classical literature and philosophical nature. An avid gamer, as well, Malc finds himself spending a good amount of free time playing games and socializing with other furries through said games on Steam and XboxLive.

Malc is a student of psychology studying in the greater KC Metro area, with plans to take himself into linguistics and eventually abandon psychology altogether in favor of working as a translator or teaching languages once completed with his higher-education studies.

Feel free to approach Malc through whatever means you may be able to contact him, as he is very sociable and enjoys the company of others in conversation or roleplaying.

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