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LuxerWaffle (a.k.a. Luxer Husku, LuxerWap, or Luxer) is a furry who joined in the furry fandom since 2003, and maintained into the internet version of the fandom since 2012. His fursona is a green husky and he's also a furry artist that judges his creations as "bad" or "terrible" while other furs praises is work by calling it "cute". He was born on December 25, 1996 (age 19) in Anniston , Alabama and currently lives in Franklin, Georgia. Luxer is also a gamer and get's attracted too much of computers. Till, now, he doesn't own a fursuit yet.


Luxer is a quiet fur. He doesn't speak much and he studders when talking to people. He's also very shy and apologizes too much, even when not needed to, and he wears clothes because he doesn't like to show off his body to others. He draws furry and non-furry characters on paper and his 3DS for digital art. He's also nice, rarely get's angry, and have a favor of sweets. Luxer is also a writer and a music mixer, but he never finishes his projects and scraps them for later use which he doesn't come back and finish them. He's laid-back and take a nap since he doesn't do anything much.

Most of the time, he goes on Twitter and sometime post random things or goes on Telegram and chat with the other furs who have the same interest he does. When it comes to religion, citizens against same sex relations, or anything in the matter of things similar to those, Luxer doesn't mind if one of his friends are those types of people as long as his friends don't mention it to him. He tries to forget anything from the past that's bad and moves on to see what's happening today. He loves all kind's of music except for most modern Hip-Hop and Country, and favors mostly Nintendo (sometimes Sony) games.

Concept Art and Creation[edit]

Luxer is a green husky with white fur in some area's around his body, and a black t-shirt including blue jeans. This was later changed to to a black leather coat with a white t-shirt and blue jeans. His eyes are brown, he has three dark green spot freckles on both of his cheeks, his paw pads on his paw are dark green and wears a dark green bandanna around his neck. His tail is not curled all the way even though he is a husky, and his eyebrows are white oval shapped.


Luxer's character design were mostly positive from other furries in the fandom. Furries on Fur Affinity and also furs from Twitter, basicly Maxx The Foxx and Firlow, called his character and art style, "Cute and cartoony!" ,while Luxer himself was negative on his designs by compalined about this character and his artwork being, "Plain, basic, simple, lazy, dull, and outright boring!". Mark Stjella, named after a moth furry named Stjella Lunikova, from the social media outlit called Telegram, rated his character with a whopping 9/10. Luxer was given a huge surprise when the owner of Mark Stjella, Viera Ashe, rated his character 11/10. This was very inspiring and refounded hopes and confidence about his artwork in stone. He then said that he's willing to give it another chance!

See Also[edit]

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