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The REAL Lunestar Aesther[edit]

The REAL Lunestar Aesther was born in 1991, in a location that will remain undisclosed. He plays as an otter, named after himself, and is mated to the same person his fursona is mated to. He is a heavy video gamer, and is known to beat even the hardest games in less than twenty-four hours. He is also a video game designer in his own right, an author, slightly athletic, and somewhat sociable.

Social Life[edit]

Lunestar Aesther is a rather shy and not so outgoing guy, having lived and schooled by his grandmother most of his life. When put in real school in the fifth grade, he was immediately the outcast of the school, not fitting in at all, until Logan Sandifer transferred to his old school. The two became fast friends, and would hang out all the time, during recess. During these times, Logan had befriended the school bully, Larry Sharp, who eventually became one of Lunestar's best friends. During the sixth grade, Lunestar befriended long-time enemy and rival Joshua Lowe, whom Lunestar would remain friends with until he left school, many years after he arrived. Most of his friends were once his enemies, and his present-day enemies were some of his old friends, whom became jealous of him when he rose to prominance as "Most popular kid in school".

Love Life[edit]

Lunestar, in real life, is also homosexual, but is VERY closed about it. And although he is shy, he has also been through twenty-nine different relationships, all of them ending in failure. Mostly the other in the relationship cheated on him, other times the other proved to be using him for sexual exploit. He is presently engaged to the fox Zackwell Dorian Aesther, the man of his dreams, and intends on moving over to England in the near future to be with him for the rest of his life. He also has a few crushes, but nothing too big to stand in the way of his undying love for Zackwell. Namely: The Zangoose, Tyler Otukai and the Jackalope, Crystalsh.

Video Gamer From Hell[edit]

Since the age of twelve, Lunestar has been engrossed with video games, video game consoles, and video game creation. He has beaten every video game he has ever owned, with the exception of "Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicals"; "I got bored with it." is his excuse. He is a veritable encyclopedia on useless video game knowledge, trivia, and cheat codes, and has been known to, often, drone on and on about a certain video game he learned about. His personal favorite video game of all time is "The Sims 3", due to "it's level of awesomeness, the ability to make any sim you could DREAM of, total house customization, and the ability to free-roam your entire neighborhood". His most hated video game of all time is "Final Fantasy : Crystal Chronicals", because "It REALLY bored him half to death, playing on [his] own."


Lunestar has quite the horrible/decent family. He lives with his grandmother Sandra, who is constantly belittling him, demanding him to do things, and preventing him from getting a job so he can't move out. His father, Charles, was once a heavy-metal junkie who looked a lot like Ozzy Osbourne. Nowadays, he lives alone, doesn't drink anymore, and looks nothing like Ozzy. He has a few disowned brothers and a sister he shall not mention, but his younger brothers, Brandon and Nigel, are his best friend that he hangs out with once every month. In the future, he is bound to become husband to Zackwell Dorian Aesther, and will possibly find a surrogate mother in order for the two to have a child.


Lunestar has been an avid reader since he learned how to spell (in the fifth grade). His passion for reading has culminated into the spirit of an author of mysteries. Currently, he is working on a series of books for teenagers about a squirrel named Jake, who gets mixed up in the mafia, and becomes a PI for the local CIA branch. He also makes plots for video games (which usually go unfinished).