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Lunara Lioness[edit]

Lunara the Lioness.


Lunara Lioness, (real life name Ruth Wilson, born 18th August 1984) serves as Ruth's primary fursona and as an animal spirit. Lunara has been part of Furry Fandom since 2004. She is often portrayed as a shaman or mystic, practicing ancient, nature centric spiritual rites. She was influenced by Pagan as well as Native American spirituality.

She is often seen on Fur Affinity, creating her own artwork. She also has been seen portraying herself wearing her ears and tail at cons and Furry meetups. It is hoped that someday soon she will have a partial fursuit of her own.

Lunara donning her ears and tail as well as facepaint.
As of October 2007, Lunara is also portrayed through a secondary fursona, a Congo African Grey Parrot. Though it seems an extremely different portrayal, Lunara also has a spiritual connection to this Avian fursona. Thus, a depiction of her Avian self was finally created, however, this version is merely secondary, and will not overshadow her primary fursona, the lioness.
Lunara portrayed as her secondary Avian fursona.


Lunara was originally a character created for role play within The Lion King universe, under the name Lunara the Mystic. Over the years, she has evolved into a more independent and developed fursona, becoming an animal spirit for her creator. Initially portrayed in feral, non-anthropomorphic form, she is now predominantly anthropomorphic.


Lunara is a regular at Furry Weekend Atlanta, and has been to Rocket City Fur Meet. She plans to eventually attend Eurofurence and Confuzzled.


Lunara is an artist trained in traditional mediums, her favourite tools being pencils, charcoal, chalk and oil pastels, crayons, and acrylic paint. Her work can be seen on Fur Affinity as well as The Lion King Fan Art Archive, administrated by Brian Tiemann. Though her favourite topics of rendering are Furry and Anthropomorphic art, she does render other subject matter. She would like to become an illustrator if not an animator for either Disney or Pixar. She is also currently attending The Art Institute of Atlanta, majoring in Animation.

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