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I'm a wolf/cheetah hybrid, otherwise known as a Cheetolf, I'm also known as ocarinaman7 and Alan Lare I started being a furry, when a pretty close friend of mine introduced me to the web-comic Two Kinds four years ago. I can be really random, and fun to generally know and be around if I'm happy. I really don't like sarcasm. I've never attended a furry convention, but I plan on attending Rainfurrest in Seattle after I get up the money, and a car. I'm hoping for a male mate. Here's how I came up with the name of this fursona. Lunar meaning I just love the moon, especially when it's full, I tend to howl at it, Nightpaw meaning I love the time of night, overall, just the stars even. I'm a true friend to all who are a true friend to others. My motto is "You are perfect as you are, don't let anyone tell you different, or put you down, always have the courage to be yourself"