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Malley111689 (a.k.a. Lucius the Lurido)[edit]

Malley11189 is an artist and author that is present on His fur life started at age 12 but the community itself was not present until to him until 2007. His only wish is to go to a con and to one day be good enough to do great furry art.


Fat fur-This artist is very much into anything that makes a furry large which incluedes alot of the following (inflation/vore{all kinds}/forced fed)

Lucius the Lurido[edit]

This artist's fursona that was created back in 2001 but was not introduced until 2008 to the furry community with the new species of "Lurido" (named by another furry)

Lucius is skilled in melee combat with a variety of weapons but he handles swords the most. He has a supply of long range combat but rarely uses them. His race is built with an internal vein system that carries the life-esscence called "aura" which the Lurido's have mastered to be their power source and fighting "magic." Lucius was never taught to use his perfectly so he constructed gauntlets that taps into the vein system in his arms. From which he can then use for almost anything from a light source to a strong attack using pure aura.

In 1990, Lucius was missing at age 1 by his parents during a fire that happened in the Rocky Mountains. Lurido's at young ages such as though have a tapped ability to change their physical outer appearance to the nearest thing that comes into their eye contact. After the fire, local human firefighters found a human baby crying under multiple cloth-like material and had the child delivered to the nearest hospital. The child was then put into the foster care system of the Nevada state. 12 years later, Lucius was in his last foster home which was located in Arizona. At this time, his powers began to surface and at his young age, it was impossible for him to control the massive amounts of aura in him. Nearly causing a panic, Lucius ran away from the foster home for fear of what they would think of him and also for what they would do to him.

After several months on the road and as a drifter, Lucius had gained a way of self defense which included a for of street fighting. However, Lucius was mugged in an ally way and nearly beaten to death. Lucius was unconscious for quite a time, (a week to be exact) and he awoke to find someone sitting at the edge of his bed. A young man that looked to be in his early teens. His name was Alex; Alex was the leader of a small group (containing only two other members)that fought demons in the real world. It was this moment that Lucius was finally introduced into the magical community. Hours later, he was introduced to the rest of the group, Sterling and Durand. The three humans looked exactly alike with their facial features and hair color (blond), however they had no similairty. However, all three were not pure human for they each possessed a special ability. Elemental powers for each of them. Alex controlled the element of fire, Sterling controlled the element of water, and Durand controlled the element of darkness.

For months, Lucius went under training to learn to fight better (melee and sword combat) and control his powers. Soon, Lucius was fighting along side Alex and the others against powerful beings (demons and deities). Years went by and soon came a sudden event that changed Lucius's life forever. One morning, Lucius awoke to a startling discovery. His body had changed (taller, slimmer, and a bit more muscular). After some research, it was determined that Lucius was not human but a full blooded Lurido. This did not change much to the story but added a new chapter into Lucius's story.

Lucius soon gained the courage to seek out his race to learn more, and during this adventure, he stumbled upon the one thing in life that made him the happiest. At age 17, Lucius discovered the location of his parents in an Asian Lurido tribe. After the finding, Lucius went under more training (under the supervision of his relatives and fellow Luridos) to become a full warrior, yet he considers himself a drifter still. This is where the story is brought up to know.


 The Lurido, which means ‘the Guardians’ are a species of reptiles that are the link in the evolutional change between reptiles and birds. They are a quiet race that lives in solitude, away from other races to avoid any changes in their society. Their society is based more on a democratic diplomacy except only higher members of authority are the ones that can alter any rules and religious laws. The highest member of this authority ring is a sage; there are only three sages in each tribe and on the way down this ring are judges, shaman, and finally priest. Lower then the priest the warriors that protect the tribes in time of crisis or battle. Lower then these are just the common Lurido which include farmers and other beings of the lower class.  Trading is the only source of obtaining goods, there is no currency in existence.  The homes of these beings exist not on the ground, but in the canopies of the tree tops, sort of like tree houses except with more expansion.  The beliefs of the tribes are that spirits live in every living thing and that all should be treated with much respect. Sages are believed to be the connection between spirits and the world of the living

Misc Lucius info[edit]

November 16, 1989- Lucius is born November 18, 1990- Lucius is lost in a wild fire in the Rocky mountains 2001- Lucius starts his life as a drifter, beginning after leaving his last foster home 2001- Lucius mugged in an ally way and saved by Alex. 2001- Starts his life in the magical world 2004- Lucius changes into his species, the "Lurido" 2004- Lucius finds his second and present sword "Tetsuske" and is introduced to his guardian spirit, a white, glowing, stripeless tiger. 2007- Lucius finds his parents in the Asian forests

Misc Malley111689 info[edit]

1989- Born 2001- Creates lucius 2007- Discovers Furry Fandom 2008- Joins Furry Fandom