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Lowlow64 (or Lowie) is a furry, from Blackfalds, Alberta. Originally born in St. John's, Newfoundland he always likes to talk about "home"

He'll be moving back to Newfoundland sometime around September-October

He's a huge car person, and draws some from time to time.

He also enjoy music, drawing, movies, hanging out with friends, chatting, laying in bed with music playing, working on his car, meeting new people, being a great friend. Lowlow's favorite colors are red, blue, pink, purple and orange. His favorite seasons would probably either be spring time and the fall. He listens to alot of music.. the only genre he doesn't like is country because he says it sucks.

He's really big on photography at the moment, with his fa page spanning over 1000 submissions.

His birthstone is a ruby, zodiac sign is cancer.

Here's the info to his fursona...

Name: Lowie Species: Grey Wolf Sex: Male Age: 16 Appearance: Black fur with some white on chest and tail. Tail is of meduim length. Average build. Eye Color: Hazel Hair Color: Brown Apperal: Mostly Wal-Mart clothes, hand me downs, freebies. Stuff that fits but is a bit bigger. Occupation: unemployed at the moment. Personality: Easy going, relaxed, hard worker, chilled out Likes: Music, cars, meeting new people, photography, drawing, video games, pizza, sports, movies and hanging with friends. Dislikes: Snobby people, assholes, violence (unless needed) country music. 'other' things: has a bad anger issue. Lowie is also a babyfur, and a sissyfur. Although he rarely speaks of it, other then his close fur friends.

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