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loveless mew aka zehra a female snow leopard fur


Full Name: loveless mew( human name is Zehra ) Nickname(s): ziZi , mew Furry name derived from: mixtur of a anime cross breed called mew ichigo and an old nickname iv lived with for years Furry age: 19 Type of species: snow leopard mainly-feline a big mix to meny really to name

Size:about 6-7 foot long in toned stance

Appearence: bit of a mix a snow leopard body with the bold markings glowing within my pale complection , sturdy build, supple but strong long dark human hair flowing,shifting softly from side to side softly brushing past my long fluffy over exagerated snow leopard tail , my ears more like a lynx big pointy and fluffy with a dark tip contrasing the rest of my fur ,icy blues and pure white made more intense from the black contrast of my rosettes wich all are black but glow a mild navy blue at night unless hunting but there is always a destinktive odd rosette on my face wich changes couler with my mood but stays mainly at a cool blue (or electric)in shape of a self desdigned tribleness but havent yet got round to finishin my sketchs, my human hair like most humans change with the mood , my fur is always soft and well kept , i have tufts of fur at my elbows and knees , always in "tip toe" stance , larg fur tuft at chest in the winter to keep warm and it shrinks depending on how warm i feel,my eyes are two coulers 1 pure electric/ice blue the other being a rainbow ... this is the way my apearnce is

Attire: i prefer being more awear of my fursona body (baiscly nude)unless im in my gothic clothing rangng from bondage down to traditional lace but always sporting a coller ov some description,coverd with pericings mainly ears and nipples but depending on mood

Personality: bold but with some what a timid self center Any other info:im an artist , gothic and panasexule