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Name: Lord Typhon Main Fandom name: Typhon Furry since: 1981 Choosen species: Gryphon

Basic character information[edit]

Typhon is a immortal necromancer, and emporer of his own empire that was earned through legal RP on FurryFaire MUCK. He has since then helped with the foundation of 3 other mucks, and placed the kingdom, with permission, on several other mucks from time to time. New Draconia MUCK being one such place.

While a sorceror, this Typhon is not to be confused with the one in the Xanadu comic. In a discussion with the Xanadu comic creator Vicky Wymann, it was determined that they are indeed 2 totally seperate characters.

RL and other information[edit]

Typhon, the person, was drawn in to the fandom through the Palladium RPG line, via there fantasy game, and then latter BBS terminal connections and comics such as Critters. Today he does his best to contribute to the fandom as a independent CGI artist, with the hopes of running his own furry based animation company one day. Among the mucks he was asked to help with, the largest was Furry Faire, in building there 1st and oldest magic guild, and helping keep a accurate map of the muck's geographic layout, as well as establishing a guideline for evil-furs as it where to RP by in a more believable sense.

He has also formed his own muck after accepting the changes Tashiro wanted to make to Furry Faire and started to implement them. However he designed his muck to be a stand alone with, other then name, no relation to the muck to date.

Typhon only has one muck ban on him to date, which is ironicly Furry Faire. He was apparently banned from the email list for stating that Tashiro's being a RPG play tester is not justification for his actions, and then latter from the MUCK for asking questions in a attempt to understand the RP rules system.

On a side note it should be noted that he has no grudge against Tashiro, nor any desire to hurt him or the muck he helped get started. However he no longer promotes what is now known as FurryFaire 2. Instead prefering to tell folks his own experinces with that muck, and Tashiro, and let those that visit make a more informed decision about there staying there.

External links =[edit]

Aranous Productions website, personal & business website Fur Affinity page, showcasing his work in the feild of CGI art and animation.