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LoneWolf (aka LoneWolf Webweaver, LoveWolf, Lupine Howler, Lupine Furmen or Dallas Vinson) became active in Furry Fandom after his introduction to Rocket City FurMeet (RCFM) in May 2006. At the first planning meeting for the 2007 con he was made a member of the RCFM staff.

Prior to getting involved with RCFM and Furry fandom, he was involved with other forms of fandom and gaming communities. He worked on the conventions Con*Stellation, Camelot, DragonCon, ChattaCon, MidsouthCon, BamaCon. After having served on the staff of these various cons for several years he earned the vaunted title of SMOF (Secret Master of Fandom).


At first appearance Lupine looks to be a normal looking North American Grey anthro Wolf leaning heavily against a knurled staff, but upon closer examination his fur can be seen to be sticking out from between what looks to be black dragon scales.

Lupine stands about 6 foot tall and around 230 pounds. His coloring is generally grey (except for the black scales) with a white chest patch, white tip on his tail and black tips on his ears, and deep black eyes like the darkest obsidian.

He has a pair of small dragon-type wings that look to be too small for actual flight, but might be good for gliding. His clothes look distinctly of American Indian design: deerskin boots, pants, vest and side pouch slung across the chest. He wears his vest open and has a medicine bag hanging around his neck.

Once you get to know him you will find that he is somewhat outgoing, open minded, funny (loves puns and practical jokes), honest (almost to a fault), and is always ready to help those that are in need, sometimes putting others needs before his own. He has a very disarming smile that just makes you want to smile as well and to be a part of whatever fun he is cooking up at any given time. While his looks are very simple, he is also a masterful cook, and is also well versed when it comes to computers and the internet.

He is currently happily mated to a Norwegian bear and a Balloony Fox.

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