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Lokirat Resident[edit]

Lokirat is a Second Life user who occasionally changes between human and anthromorphic Rat depending on the nature of the event attended. The name hails from the combination of LOKI being the Norse god of mischief AND a group of Rats being called a MISCHIEF. Recently became Lokirat Chanirra to honor a previous lost avatar.

Online Appearance and presence[edit]

Lokirat has worn a wide range of rat avatars but for a time wore a green, black and yellow Luskwood Hyena avatar. Eventually she settled with a Curious Chinchilla with added rats ears, paws and tail.

Working in the sim Mainland London City as Greeter, Hostess and DJ since spring 2013.

In 2014 opened a shop in the same sim selling copies of her real life artwork. second life LM

In 2015 She started creating mesh items for her shop, and DJ's a mega party at Bar soho Fridays, Hosts there on thursdays and now Hosts for the Timetunnel at Madame Lalas on tuesdays. Occasionally taking part in saturday concerns with the London City Players.

Fursuit Appearance[edit]

In main colours of green and orange, a female rat with a red tail and blue eyes. Fursuit has been self created and is constantly being preened and improved. Progressive photos can be seen on the facebook page: Plague the Rat

Public Appearance[edit]

Never seen in public in anything but her human suit. Rumour has it that one day would like to attend a furcon. Open minded and friendly, with an eclectic pagan faith and a firm believer in holding a positive attitude to all.

You Tube Channel[edit]

Lokirat films her exploration of Second life on her you tube channel Lokirat's Random Videos and has several series such as Scary Sim of SL, Exploring SL and more.