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Matthew "Logan" Vacanti
Shade (Logan).png
Logan's new Fursona 2/2018
Born October 14, 1982
Profession or hobby Artist, Co-Owner, Webmaster
Character species Arctic Fox

Logansryche is an artist, gamer, YouTuber, Radio Personality, Chat Mod, and Webmaster. In the Furry community he's an Arctic Fox(changes white in winter, orange/brown in the summer). He's also the Co-Owner of Aristide Radio(with his friend Grim) and webmaster of Simply_Panda_Jenn.


Logansryche was born Matthew Leo Vacanti 10/14/1982 in Twentynine Palms, CA to a retired marine father and school secretary mother. On a whim he saw the 1973 Disney movie Robin Hood(which he instantly fell in love with) when it was shown as a re-release in 1988 at the local drive-in. Back then Logan didn't know there was a following let alone a persona for such things, so he kept it to himself for the next 20+ years. In 2008 Logan came out to his parents and told them that he was a fur, and explained to them what it meant to be a fur. They said they understood and that's where that matter's stood since then. In 2013 Logan re-evaluated himself in what it meant to carry the Fox fursona and could see where the lines started to blend between the Arctic Fox and Siberian Husky(loves the cold, despises humidity, etc..), and actively attempts to stay on the foxy side of things. In 2017 Logan discovered there was a YouTuber named Rycon and didn't want to cause confusion so he changed his name to Logan(which was short for Logansryche anyway, only to discover the YouTuber's real name's Logan). Logan and his longtime partner of eight years divorced over personal matters. Logan's real world background includes construction, janitorial/maintenance, scraping(where he lost his sense of smell), database processing, computer repair, drawing, image editing, flash production, website creation/webmastering, forum moderation/adminship, wiki stuff, server maintenance, voice over work, youtubing, Minecraft server ownership/adminship, chat moderating, and livestreaming.

Virtually Speaking[edit]

Since Logan was never able to afford to purchase a fursuit, he went virtual thanks to the help of his then voice actor friend Mobius Infinity. In 2005 Mobius introduced Logan to a virtual world called Second Life. They were still in beta and weren't accepting new accounts so he waited a year and created one. Because fox avatars hadn't existed yet(Wingless avis didn't come out till about 2008ish) Logan's first avatar was an Aventity Husky. Later in 2008 after a fallout with Aventity over a sale, Mobius told Logan about a company called KZK that had released a fox avatar. This avatar was worn until 2018 when he changed to a JOMO fox using bento mesh, and as of 8/1/2019 dons a fox kemono avatar.

Radio Work[edit]

Both Logan and his father have always been fascinated with using radio as a medium, and while Logan's father took the more local approach, Logan started FOUSE Radio with his then partner Sage in 2010. This lasted until 2016 with a disagreement in politics with the stream hoster, which lead to the creation of Aristide Radio. The station went on hiatus in 2017, was back by 7/5/2019, and was offline again by 9/1/2019.

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