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Hello, I am LoFR or known as LordofFlamingRoses. To other furs who have met me or know me I am Sebastian, Seb, Sebby, Sebas, or even Bassy as one of my friends likes to call me. I like to read, write, draw and make music.

My Fursona's full name is Sebastiano Emille Thurtide. I am a Were-Otter of a sort, in the sense that it's more like a crossbreed of Werewolf and Sea Otter. I have a backstory for my Fursona Sebastian. It even features a couple of my favorite Furries in the world.

One of my favorite kinds of artwork being Sprite Work. I like to make new friends and try to attend Furry events when I can afford them. I have managed to meet a handful of Furries and I gotta say it was unique in my opinion.

I also have my own group on FA titled ILoYO. The full name being the International League of Yifftastic Otters. Of course most seem to think I use the word 'Yiff' as the new meaning. In fact I do not use it like that. I use it as the old meaning such as Good, Happy, or something Positive.

Some friends around FA said I should include a link to my Fursona's Page and a small paragraph about him. In response to this I thought why not? Couldn't hurt anybody right? Well I was wrong on some part as there are people who lie about their legal age when it comes to NSFW material. Which is why I will advise those who are reading this that the Text Ref is VERY descriptive. I spared no detail in the Text Ref. It can be seen as NSFW and should not be read by those who are underage in their respective location of residence. Not sure but I hear that the right age is 18 or 21 in certain places. If you are not of legal age to view such material please do NOT just go ahead and ignore the warning. I do have filters on those submissions so you may not even be able to view it if you don't have an FA and or are not of legal age. You may find links that will lead you to respective refs connected to my Fursona's as well, such would be my Fursona's Were form and the two respective beings whose souls make up his own. Oh and there will be a link to his backstory which is also NSFW but on a higher level.

FURSONA- LoFR's Fursona: Sebastian Thurtide


  • Attendee at the August 10th 2013 Prancing Skiltaire Furmeet
  • Attendee at the November 9th 2013 Prancing Skiltaire Furmeet
  • Attendee at the August 20th 2016 Cincinnati Furmeet Grillout Putt Putt Bowling and a Movie
  • Attendee at the September 24th 2016 Cincinnati Furmeet Movie Dinner and Bowling
  • Attendee at the October 8th 2016 Fur Reality Convention
  • Attendee at the October 8th 2017 Fur Reality Convention