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' "Егор Лис '", also known as ' "lis755 '" (the river on October, 28th, 1989) - Russian furry from St.-Petersburg, known as the ideologist and the editor-in-chief of Internet magazine about furry and their lives - «Furry News».

Was born on October, 28th, 1989 in Moscow. Lives in St.-Petersburg. The student, studies in Saint-Petersburg branch of the Hight School Economics on chair of applied political science. Is interested in ideology. Writes verses and stories. Character fox. Considers itself furry with 2005 - 2006.


The organizer of several Petersburg furry meetings. Mainly collected from фуррей In contact. In 2008 has collected and has organised Role Historical Club Furri the Home guard. Also in 2008 has created a monthly Furry News. Is there the editor-in-chief.


"Unless the name should mean something? Certainly, should! We take, for example, my name - it expresses my essence! A remarkable wonderful essence! And with such name as at you, you can appear everything … Well simply everything! "(Lewis Kerol" Alice " Егор did not begin to think out to itself any names in the furri-world and named itself simply: Егор Лис (Лис it is fox in russuan). Егор Лис is anthropomorphic Foxes natural colours. Only the black fur on the bottom paws rises to knees. On top nearly does not get an elbow. Eyes brown.