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This is Lil Chi Wolf! Well....hmm...there's a lot to know about me but for you to find out you have to be very close to my heart to know these things about me. I will let you know a few. I love my friends. They mean the world to me. I like to be known as a very good friend and sometimes think that I am. I am very caring, protective, responsable, loving, and trustworthy person and many of my friends tell me that all the time. Sometimes, because I am all those things I can get myself into trouble, but I usaly make the right desisions and try to help my friends make them too when they need advise or help with something in their lives. I love food. Oh god food...and Dove Chocolate! I have a horse and love horses but I kind of want to get outta horses and move onto something else like Suit Making maybe? What you think??? I have a strange and interesting family. Four brothers...yay...a Step Father and Mommy. Mommy is cool. I am in a relationship with Tyzin Scaleback. He is a dream come true. I am 23 now and love to go to clubs and bars. Love to draw, ride horses, breed and raise fish, show dogs, dress pretty, and sooooo much more. If you feel like drawing a pic of my fursona please feel free and tell me about it! Would love to see what ppl come up with! Ok...there....a little about me.

Where you can find me:

  • Youtube: EveryonesQT
  • FA: lil_chi_wolf
  • lil chi wolf

I also have AIM and YIM. If you would like to add me just let me know!