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Lil' Wyvern[edit]

Lil' Wyvern (known as "Fluffy" by many) is male red fox currently residing in Tallahassee Florida working on finishing up his Bachelors degree in Economics. More of a wanderer and on the quiet side in the furry community, he rarely draws attention or makes a scene, though occasionally he has his moments. Little is known about his personally other then him being extremely laid-back though blunt, but it can be said by his closes furiends and boy-friend (nicknamed by Lil' Wyvern as "Wolfy") that's he's more then what he appears to be.


Lil' Wyvern, a male red fox, is originally from Milton Florida, which is a southern town located in Florida near the Florida/Alabama boarder. Speaking the typical southern tongue, he has a low voice which most don't expect to hear from a fox. His pelt is mostly red, though he has white headfur and eye-brows, as well as white fur that runs along the underside of his muzzle, cheeks, inside his ears, down his neck, chest and stomach, and continues down to his groin ending at his inner thigh. His tail has the typical white tip that most red foxes are characterized of having. He has black fur on his lower arms and legs extending down to his paws and black fur on the backs of his ears. What really sets him apart from most foxes is he distinctly has black fur around his eyes, which is a rarity in foxes or furries for that matter. Seeing how he likes hitting the gym on a daily basis, he's quite bigger compared to the average fox.