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The Character[edit]

Lenka is a holdover from the Cold War, part of an independently funded project to create a better super soldier. She was what was known as a S.A.S.H.A. unit- a Strategic Armament Systems Human Article. Her number was 120805219. The facility she was created in was destroyed by unknown forces, and she was the only survivor. After being deactivated by the scientist responsible for overseeing her shortly before he died, 120805219 found herself wandering around in a Siberian winter. Her only defense against the cold was that she was not entirely human. She was taken in by a couple in a remote village, the Paitrovs, who named her Magdalena. This name was inspired by the fact that she was wandering around in nothing but her hair, much like Mary of Magdala supposedly did. A few years later, the GULAG finished them, for they refused to give up their religion for the Party. Lenka was left alone, and this time made her way to Japan, where she remained under the care of the Hoshi family until she met Rukbat D'Sagitrus. The two of them roomed together for a while, but eventually Lenka got her own place and began visiting a complex that Rukbat often spoke about.

For a bit of description, Lenka is a 5'10 Euro-mutt human, weighing about 270 lbs. She sports a winter-white wolf's tail and a pair of snow-white ears, gifts from her furry father by adoption, GothWulfe. She usually wears a hooded sweatshirt with a pair of jeans, unless she is feeling otherwise. She has a curvy build and is generally smiling.

The Player[edit]

Lenka's player is a midwestern college student in Kansas. She is 22 years old and has been a furry since late 2004 by way of YiffChat. Her first fursona was Rukbat D'Sagitrus, followed by a number of alternates before she finally settled on Lenka. The fur (scaly?) responsible for "corrupting her" (his term) is Sjach Dragonkin. Sjach's partner-in-conversion was NekoSeedie Hatosha, now a retired fursona of her In-Real-Life best friend.

In addition to being a college student, Lenka's player is a published (if one may count a newspaper article and a high school collection as being published) writer, aspiring actress and novelist, and a dabbling gamer. She, like her fursona, has a SHARP and acerbic wit, but any ribbing occurs in good humor. She will tell you that there's not much to recommend her aside from her cooking, but her friends both in a out of the fandom will argue otherwise. The personalities of Lenka and her player are spookily similar.


“Why does porn have to have a flavor nowadays? Gay porn, Hardcore porn, anal porn. Next thing you know they’ll be selling it on the street corner. “Yes, I’ll take a blue raspberry blowjob.”

"I can cook, I can yiff. . . ah, I need only fur to be perfect. . . never mind the massive overhaul in personality!"