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Known by many as "tabbyoo88" or Tabby for Short. I have attended Arcon, midsouth Con, as well as others.

My works inclue [Pen & Ink],[Digital],[Costume Parts/full Costumes/Cosplay], and New to making [Fursuits]-"First" Full suit is in the works in my Studio.

Studio Located in Missouri, Usa. Most of my art is signed by my long term trade name tabbyoo88. I am known well for my neko anime style art which is somewhere similar in style between Chobits and Cardcaptor sakura. I do not copy those works ref is given to them to show what my style is similar to.

Gallery Samples:[Coming Soon] Website:[In the works]

Works done in past mediums: pen & ink, cake decorating/pastry airbrush, acrylics, oil, enamels, and mixed media, also dabble in costume design and custom creation of fursuit parts such as tails, handpaws, ect.. Now starting full suits! :)