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Hi, I am babyfur. I am 18. My real name is Emmy. I love pokemon. My fav is Mewtwo second is Darkrai and third Ludicolo. My fav from current generation is Woobat. My fav Pokemon character is Wanderer Miror B. I also love the shows Zaboomafoo, Franklin, Pokemon, Check it out, Metalocalypse, and Red Green. I love all kinds of music. One of my fav bands is Kiss. Im pretty weird and creative and I love that. I like to be difeeret from everyone else. My greatest inspirtaion is Zachary French aka Shadow-Fox Kakuretsin. He is almost exactly like my bff Zach and I really wanna get to know him now bc it was like love at first sight when I saw his videos. I love to help people. I am a mommy to lots of TBs ABs and Bayfurs and I love my kiddies so much. You can add me on facebook. Or email me