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Lazer is the hyena fursona belonging to Ryan Leaptrott. Ryan has been in the fandom for several years, having changed fursonas a few times before deciding on a hyena. Previous fursonas included a mouse, wolf, and lion, who all remain characters of Lazer's, just no longer the main fursona.

                   1226764881 lazerhyena lazerbadge.jpg

As a character, Lazer was designed as a infamous space pirate. Maniacle, vicious, and crazy on the one hand, on the other he can be silly, charming, and almost cute! The character stands at about 6'8" tall with taupe brown fur, black spots, paws, ears, and muzzle and red and blue eyes. He is covered with quite a few facial piercings, including his nose, muzzle, ears, and eyebrow.

Lazer is also depeicted as a cub now and then, just for artistic purposes.1211648864paranoidstripes lazer.jpg

Activity in the Fandom[edit]

Lazer is primarily an artist, fursuiter, and occasionally hosts meets in the central/coastal Georgia area. He has actively attended Furry Weekend Atlanta since 2006 and has hosted several panels there as well.



Lazer has a full suit created by Lobitaworks in 2013 and has a suit in progress of a second hyena named Peppermint made by Darzi.


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