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LawWolf is relatively new to the fur community in Brisbane, Australia. After being introduced to the fandom in late 2006 by hius canine friend Bingo Dingo, he soon developed his fursona from images he created for stories he used to write about wolves when he was much younger. His fursona is that of a tan, grey and white Timber Wolf, which has the uncanny ability to manipulate and create ice.

LawWolf draws Anthropomorphic Art, dabs in writing poetry and short fan fiction stories, and also does a bit of photography, though his primary form of art lies in Digial Art - Landscaping, primarily using the program Terragen to create such images. He posts his art on [1].

Apart from the obvious fascination with the canine, LawWolf also adores Eagles, White Tigers, Dragons and Dragonflies. His alternate fursona, named Reuben, has the ability to transform into any of these forms, as well as having his standard ice power.

LawWolf does not live with any furs as of yet, though hopes to soon.

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