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Lasvannon, as drawn by Neonpossum (FA)

Lasvannon Tol'Quiss (born October 10 1983), often shortened to Las, is a furry artist/animator/writer from the United Kingdom. Whilst born Welsh and lived in Wales for a good portion of his life, as of November 2010, he lives in West Midlands. [1] His fursona is a Killoren Fey Unseelie Cat.[1]

Character Description[edit]

Confident, effeminate and capricious. His fur of this fey creature is the colour of the forest leaves and everything about this figure is exceptionally well manicured. Pleasant aromas of rose petals follow this fine gentleman in his deeds. Upon his long, thin tail sits a large ring with a shorn off golden chain that radiates an aura of malice and dominance. Dark ringed eyes settle upon you, the piercing azure depths looking into your soul. A tunic of pure red, bedecked with golden cords adorn this creature. You can tell just by looking at him that trouble, both good and bad, is never far away. A terrible flirt, can you resist the charms of the Dark Troubadour and keep your soul?


Lasvannon is actually the name of one of the players original character's from Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition, way back in Ocotber 2000. It is actually meant to be Non'Van'Las, which in sylvan (From the Dungeons and Dragons sylvan to common translator) means 'keeper of the wild forest's'. However, it proved to be a bit of a tounge twister, so it was changed around a bit into something more easily pronounced. Tol'Quiss, however, is a stage name for him as he like all other Killoren Fey are not given surnames. Its not in the cultureof the race but it just sounded cool, so Lasvannon adpoted it to fit in with everyone else!


Lasvannon was introduced to the fandom a very long time ago, while still in GCSE Art way back in 1997. While in the Art classes, Lasvannon was a very naughty boy and used the incredibly slow connection speed and terrible computers of the school (dial up modem) to generate a rather large collection of furry images. He then used these the school printers to print all these images. (Back then, we did not have anywhere near the quantity of good art that we did now!). Lasvannon still has the school suspension report for a week after being caught for this overuse of the school facilities. He has the report framed and proudly displayed at his house, and the folders of the images still exist, though a little faded! His reign of chaos started from then...

Lasvannon was a moderator for one of the first furry related groups on the internet "The Sonic Foundation", spending far too much of his school time looking at the white text on the screen and speaking to random proto furs.

In 2002 - 2005 Las went on to study for a BA Hons Animation degree from University, achieving a 2:1. Due to the fact he is a little crazy and scatty, he has now forgotten 99% of the things he was taught. Most of the time was spent drunk. He did find that he was naturally quite good at being more of a director/leader than actually doing the hard work himself. Straight after leaving University, Las moved on to work as a sales manager for a national retail company, before ousting the manager of the store two years later and taking his place. From that point onwards, Las has worked as a retail store manager and, in 2010, as a BDM (Business Development Manager).

Las lived in North Wales for the first 26 years of his life, before deciding to follow a job to Telford, West Midlands, in 2010. He attends local furmeets in Birmingham as best he can, realising that the higher you go up in management, the harder it is to get time off!

Outside and inside of his fur, Lasvannon describes himself as a social butterfly, attention seeker, musician (He play's Violin/Drums/Guitar and Sings pretty well) and also a terrible flirt.

Lasvannon, as drawn by PalmeriFire FA)

So what is Lasvannon?[edit]

Lasvannon is NOT a cat as such. Nor is he mortal. Lasvannon is a Killoren Fey, from the fey wilds, and is extremely fickle. He is capable of shifting forms into several animals but is not able to change into any humanoid creatures. Sometimes wings help, so he turns into an eagle!

He is the Dark Troubadour of Truth for the Lost Prince of the few wilds, and acts as his herald. Las is inherently evil and corrupt, and is devoid of morality as he, like all other fey creatures, have no soul.

Las is also distinguished member of the unseelie courts of the fey. If you are having trouble understanding this, just imagine Alice in Wonderland and think of the Red Queen. Las hangs with that side of the crowd, not the silly and nice White Queen.

So, while he looks like a green tabby cat, he is indeed something all together more mysterious and special...

Life Views/Furry Views[edit]

Live and let live. Las hates anyone trying to impose laws on him or anyone else. He also believes you should try everything twice. Once because you never know what it's like, and the second time so you can make sure the first time was not a bad experience.

Las does not understand multiple fursona's, as he has only ever had one and has no need for more. It feels wrong to him for people to adopt a new personality and then discard it easily for another one. It’s a little crazy.

Las also really wants to get a fur suit, but wants a really realistic one with lights and stuff. He also acts exactly like Las online in R/L, in and out of fursuit. That's because, Las is Las, and he can’t understand people who act differently inside the suit or online. Nothing wrong with it, just Las is a little confused by it.

Character History[edit]

Some fey just pop into the world, created by the whim of nature or just chance. They are normally formed to fulfil a certain role. Las'van'non was born to a young family with regards to the average age of Killoren. He was the eldest of two siblings, himself and his sister who was a few years younger. In youth he was like any other Killoren but erred towards social interaction and not violence that dictates so much of his kins reputation. On the coming of his tenth birthday, and his naming ceremony, he realised that his view point was not to kill, but to understand.

Killoren manifest a certain aspect over others in preference and rarely stray, their mindset becoming locked as sorts to a certain world view. Las'van'non was rare in that he chose wisdom and understanding, which was very different to the normal viewpoint of his newly created kind. He was never good at fighting other Killoren in the villages of trees (though he didnt mind getting close to the others in a grapple) and neither was he very good at hiding and learning the trade of the hunter. That said, he could out talk most situations and out smart all his fellows. The Killoren did not find this weird, no stigma was attached. Different animals have different skill's to hunt and Las'van'non had chosen his. He was honey tongued and was blessed with the wit of the most cunning fey-born fox (who are very cunning...). His life changed however on his naming ceremony, and things would never be the same...

(See the link below for the first part of Lasvannon's history)

  1. Lasvannon's History [[1]]


Music, writing and collecting fan art. Las is also massively into wargaming, and has ran his local wargaming club for a fair few years. He is a massive Warhammer 40k Fanatic and spends too much money that could be used on a fursuit on plastic miniatures.

Las also wants to collect loads of friends in pokeballs. Its easier and cheaper than feeding them.

Also, Las is very active on FURCADIA! Thats the mythical longest running MMORPG that was the original furry chat thing. Las has been floating around causing havoc on it for far too many years to remember.

Finally, due to a very special friend getting me on it, and setting me up, Las has recently started to exist in Second Life and he is fabulous.

Other than that, socialising, playing his violin and playing Mechwarrior Online/DDO and other crazy Steam Games.


Confuzzzled, wants to go to Anthrocon to go meet American friends ASAP and also potentially Eurofurence.

External Links[edit]

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